original fridge on solar panels?

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original fridge on solar panels?

Beitrag von cesarmax22 » 10.01.2019 19:44

hi all.

just out of curiosity.

has anyone ran the original old fridge 100% on solar panels?

according to the original manual the fridge consumes 85 W. I am assuming this is peak, when in maximum. consume might be a lot less once it cools and you set it to mid/min.

here are some numbers I've done:

worst case 85 W x 24 hours - > 2040 Wh daily
medium case 43 W x 24 hours - > 1032 Wh daily
best case (turning off fridge once in a while during the day). 600 Wh daily

taking this into account I guess it is possible

anyone has tried this?

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Re: original fridge on solar panels?

Beitrag von tormix » 10.01.2019 23:06

My fridge runs in medium case range if i am not standing with the back in the sun.
Solar panel is 100 but it is not the very old fridge with gas!
With the two batteries it is ok for 2 days at 35 degrees day, 25 degrees at night. :P
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