Standalone or Emergency Refrigerator Control Thermostat

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Standalone or Emergency Refrigerator Control Thermostat

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The NAFTA (North American) version of the James Cook is probably similar enough that the following should apply. Please add information. Thanks.

The refrigerator is controlled by the Central Computer Console above the windshield. The refrigerator has a Danfoss/Secop compressor. Attached to the compressor is a Danfoss Control Unit. The Central Computer Console above the windshield is wired to the Danfoss Control Unit.

On our NAFTA version and presumably on the James Cook, there is a separate plug-in module plugged into the Danfoss Control Unit. A similar module is used on other Westfalia refrigerators and is sold by as an "E-Regulator."

Does anyone have information about this E-Regulator or photos of the interior of the E-Regulator???

For permanent or emergency use, there is a new thread on Sprinter-Source Forum on how to hook up a $15.00 (12 Euros?) inexpensive InkBird ITC-1000 thermostat with included temperature sensor so you can bypass the Central Computer Console above the windshield. (Note: In the photos, you will notice that the NAFTA version has a TV 12V plug in the closet which James Cooks probably do not have. So James Cook folks will need a different 12v source, from the bathroom light circuit or the Danfoss Control Unit.) ... hp?t=73358

(You will need to register to Sprinter-Source in order to see some of the attached photographs in the thread.)

In the future, the Central Computer Console above the windshield may not be available for replacement. Different alternatives or backups would be useful. The thread above provides an alternative refrigerator control. The Central Computer Console also controls the Espar Airtronics heater. Westfalia apparently used a special control circuit board inside the heater. Thus, any replacement heater will NOT communicate with the Central Computer Console. In addition, some existing standalone Espar controls will not communicate with an original Espar heater. The workaround is a new non-Westfalia circuit board and separate Espar control. Other information on voltage, water levels, etc., can also be replicated through other means, like separate voltmeter, different tank level sensor and gauges, etc..
2005 NAFTA (USA) Airstream Westfalia (2004 Dodge Sprinter) Version of James Cook