Newbie question - curtain?

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Newbie question - curtain?

Beitrag von fleep » 12.10.2017 08:31


I have a newbie question. In my James Cook I have found a large silver fabric panel. It is not the insulated one that goes on the front windows, but it does have Westfalia logos on it, so it must be part of the van. It is approximately 1.5m square, and has Velcro fasteners on it. I have no idea what this is, and the manual is only in German, so that doesn't help me. What is this for? :roll:

Thanks :D

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Re: Newbie question - curtain?

Beitrag von Jake.Coffee » 12.10.2017 09:57

Hello and welcome

Maybe you can do a picture of that part or if you’ve have found it in the manual get a picture from there.

The front window cover and the front door covers is a set of 3 parts.

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