Using the table outside

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Using the table outside

Beitrag von grozier » 02.10.2013 19:58

Hello all,

We have successfully modified our table for outdoor use. I know there was an official accessory for this, but we took a different route.

Here in Germany there is a company called Wagner that markets the "Teno System" of various lengths of tubes and brackets to be used as table legs, storage racks, etc. We initially bought legs that were at table height, but the stability was not great, especially for the way we use the table. Ultimately we cut the legs down so that they fit perfectly on either side of the table in its storage compartment.

It makes for a slightly low, but beautifully stable table! My knees just fit underneath. The first photos show the original length. The last photo is at the lower length -- about 15cm / 6 inches lower than a dining table.

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Re: Using the table outside

Beitrag von netsailor » 02.10.2013 20:10

whow- if we'd hook up our portable childsseat to our foldable table our kid would be looking straight up towards the sky :D
Since your great solution isn't Airstream Westy specific at all, we should move this hint to the general forum
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Greetings from down the Mommsenstr. towards the Stutti,

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Re: Using the table outside

Beitrag von woodywesty » 13.11.2013 18:24

Beautiful baby Ted....

Bob (woodywesty)