Westfalia kits?

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Westfalia kits?

Beitrag von GoJohnGo » 23.10.2014 06:32

On the US Sprinter Forum (http://www.sprinter-source.com/forum/sh ... hp?t=18040), someone wrote that they had heard of Westfalia kits being offered for sale at one point. Essentially, the kit would contain everything (roof, seats, cabinets, bed, heater, refrigerator, etc.) to convert a base sprinter into a Westfalia. Does anyone have any information about these? Are they still available in Europe?

It would be nice to be able to build essentially a new Westfalia.

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Re: Westfalia kits?

Beitrag von woodywesty » 26.10.2014 15:21

I doubt that Westfalia would ever offer a kit for one of their campers. What I heard was that Westfalia sold off all of their inventory for the American version of the James Cook and I would assume on all of their James Cook inventory based on the T1N Sprinter. To my knowledge there are no spare parts available for owners of US James Cook campers either. Probably your best option is to look for a used Westfalia in the states.

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Re: Westfalia kits?

Beitrag von admin » 08.11.2014 08:52

GoJohnGo hat geschrieben:heard of Westfalia kits being offered for sale at one point.
This is true, but it's almost 10 years ago now. They sold it, when they stopped making the NAFTA Version.
The price for the complete kit was only 17900€.
Epeg knows more about that, see

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