Electrical Modification for EU/UK?

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Electrical Modification for EU/UK?

Beitrag von 2wheeladventurer » 30.10.2017 16:45

Does the electrical system on our US Westy need to be modified to be compatible with Electical connections in EU/UK.

I suspect that some form of mechanical adapter may be required to physically connect... but am curious if there's any need to modify the circuitry in any way?

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Re: Electrical Modification for EU/UK?

Beitrag von Wedge » 30.10.2017 20:11

Hi 2wheeladventurer,

I think the biggest different between US and EU is the voltage,
US 110V
EU 220V
when you want to charge the batteries.
Maybe you will need a different charger for that.

The plug may differ also between US and EU.
For german campgrounds you will need a special adapter for an EU standard plug to "campground plug" (CEE adapter)
https://www.amazon.de/gp/aw/d/B071SLYYL ... er+adapter

Best Regards


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Re: Electrical Modification for EU/UK?

Beitrag von KlassikJames » 01.11.2017 16:43

The frequency of AC is different too:
US: 60Hz
EU: 50Hz
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Re: Electrical Modification for EU/UK?

Beitrag von ynglingkiebitz » 05.11.2017 12:08

the easy way is to take a transformer along. Input 230V / output 115V , 2000W. Another solution is a solar panel on your JC that makes you absolutely independent to electrical power.
We travelled twice to Canada and the US for 5 months and never plugged in. Our solar panel was the only electrical source while we were parked.

good luck

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