Coolbox Parts & Repairs:

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Coolbox Parts & Repairs:

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Several posters here have posted about the former Electrolux-Dometic coolbox folks setting up shop as Thank you.

For folks in Germany (or nearby), that's a great resource.

They are also willing to ship to the USA.

The newest information is that they can (a) provide a RC1162 complete replacement (May 2020), (b) provide all the mechanicals (no box and no lid) precharged with refrigerant, and (c) provide parts, including precharged with refrigerant although more difficult.

That gives owners various choices.

Here is their response to an American inquiry. ... stcount=22


Of course we can support spare parts like sensor, evaporator, compressor......

To ship a quick connect system is possible but difficult.

What`s possible, is to prepare the full retrofit kit with BD35F compressor and evaporator prefilled on a wooden plate.
This can be easily mounted inside the existing compartment.
Never done before but possible.

What we can offer from May 2020, is a complete like to like replacement box called RC1162 with integrated foamed evaporator and the new BD35 compressor kit. Same size like the RC1160.

The lid will definitely not produced anymore.

The easiest way in the us, you find a cooling expert that can braze the copper parts parts and charge the system with R134a.

We have all necessary parts on stock. Just have a look at

If there is a need to buy some parts, just send us a mail.

If you need a prepared kit, we can find a solution for safe shipping.

For that, the price needs to be calculated.

Feel free to share these informations with your Airstream folks.


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