Westfalia rear floor mats

die zweite Generaton Sprinter (NCV3)
Pepe Moreno
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Westfalia rear floor mats

Beitrag von Pepe Moreno » 04.01.2023 13:17

Hello everybody,
I have completely destroyed the Westfalia mats that came in the back of my James Cook W906/NCV3. I can't find spare parts online.
Can someone help me and provide me with a provider?
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards.

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Re: Westfalia rear floor mats

Beitrag von rainerd » 04.01.2023 19:58

I bought new ones at https://www.mertex2012.de/ - They offer them in various textures and colors to chose from. I paid 192€ incl. shipping for all the rear floor mats, without the ones in the driver cabin.