US propane in a European NCV3 James Cook

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US propane in a European NCV3 James Cook

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The 3rd Generation James Cook uses gas only for the stove. As butane is not available in the USA and Canada, you have to use propane. The stove runs with propane as well.

The plastic container is too small for any reasonable sized propane canister
LRexp_2014-05-19_P5S-IMG_4636.jpg (108.44 KiB) 158 mal betrachtet

The only thing that we found that fits in are the Coleman 1lbs canisters. You can get them everywhere, prices sometimes as low as 3 USD.
LRexp_2014-09-27_P5S-IMG_6926.jpg (140.89 KiB) 158 mal betrachtet
You need an adapter (grill-adapter/steak saver) from the small Coleman thread to the thread of the bigger US bottles.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-12 um 10.51.48.jpg
Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-12 um 10.51.48.jpg (159.8 KiB) 158 mal betrachtet
Then you need a second adapter from US to German.
LRexp_2013-09-07_P5-IMG_1598.jpg (110.02 KiB) 158 mal betrachtet
This is how the entire setup looks
LRexp_2016-01-14_P6SP-IMG_2863.jpg (108.97 KiB) 158 mal betrachtet
together with the Coleman canister, the entire thing is pretty tall and at first it seems, that it doesn't fit in the white plastic container. But you can make it happen. The lid of the container has a little notch right in the middle. When the highest point of the regulator is exactly in the middle, you can close the lid and tighten the two screws. You have to fight the orange rubber hose, who is not your friend in this process.
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Re: US propane in a European NCV3 James Cook

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VERY very clear explanation with the pictures!
Thank you very much Peter!
Hans, living in Norway owning a 2007 James Cook V6 automat 3880kg. NCV3